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With the End2End complete solutions from H solutions you get more transparency about operational processes, can track and manage assets, get an overview of the logistics inventory and thus save money, time, CO2 – and nerves.

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Find out in which areas we can support you with our solutions and how companies are already using the IoT today to position themselves optimally. We help you to become even more successful in your business.

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With H solutions, we offer you the complete service of a solution provider from a single source. Your benefit from this is clear: You focus on your core activities while we take care of your IoT project and its implementation.
Under the term H solutions, together with our technology and integration partners, we at Heliot Europe offer selected End2End complete solutions that have been tested in a wide range of industries and have proven themselves millions of times over.
  • Our core competences are the radio network connection (Sigfox as well as other technologies) and the cloud services for secure storage and evaluation of the data.
  • Our complete solutions are manufacturer- and platform-independent – the solution to your problem is in the foreground, not the technology

Industrial Logistics
& Supply Chain

Monitor the location of your assets by land, sea and air at all times or use resources more wisely for more sustainable logistics.

Fleet &
Asset Tracking

Keep an eye on your fleet of vehicles, as well as valuable machinery and equipment, or find out about tank fill levels or the condition of your machines.

Agriculture & Environment

Get information on your agricultural areas and fill levels at any time without detours or keep an eye on your livestock.

Production & Industrial

With Industrial IoT solutions, unnecessary maintenance is prevented and you always have an overview of the status of your production facilities.

Sustainable Cities & Facilities

With our Smart Building IoT solutions, you can secure and manage building space more efficiently, conserve resources and make urban areas more liveable.

Trade & Services

Easily monitor and control your retail and wholesale processes with our IoT solutions for the retail and service sectors.

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Our solutions show how we can support you in the areas that are crucial to your successful future.

H solutions Asset Tracking

Intelligent monitoring and tracking systems for vehicles, rental equipment, tools, machines and goods and even living creatures. Monitor the location of your livestock and assets by land, sea and air at all times. Use data to allocate resources more wisely in sustainable logistics.

H solutions Load Carrier & Container Management

Intelligent management of containers, KLT's, GLT's, TKLT's of all types. Manage reusable transport packaging and transport containers, protect your inventory, ensure proper circulation and gain more visibility within your supply chain.

H solutions Smart Waste Management

Smart solutions for disposal and recycling. End-to-end solutions for intelligent and sustainable waste management. Whether in the factory, municipality or waste disposal company.

H solutions Environmental & Condition Monitoring

Smart condition monitoring informs about condition values of all kinds. Temperature values in rooms and containers, room and parking space occupancy, indoor air quality and fine dust pollution. Monitor the temperature in cold chains or increase the well-being of your employees.

H solutions Metering

Monitor the energy consumption of water, gas and electricity and use the data to operate more sustainably.

H solutions Individual

Specific solutions for your individual use case. With a variety of digital solutions, we support you in the selection and realisation of a concept that fits your requirements.

How we have already been able to help our clients

Intelligent transport racks for Weha-Therm


Glass and window manufacturers, such as the German market leader Weha-Therm, use special transport racks to deliver high-value and fragile products to customers. Once the shipments are received, customers return the empty racks. Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date overview of the entire inventory of racks in order to optimise operational processes is a challenge, as racks can be mishandled, not returned on time or lost.


Weha-Therm has implemented a solution from BOX ID Systems and H solutions to remotely track individual racks in real time. The end-to-end IoT location tracking solution, used for the Sigfox 0G network, includes dedicated industrial-grade multi-year trackers and a specialised data analytics platform. The solution provides 100 per cent visibility for racks, anytime, anywhere in Europe and globally. The installation of maintenance-free devices with long battery life is very simple and cost-effective.


Weha-Therm has achieved real-time visibility of its racks across logistics processes. The data insights enable the optimisation of operational efficiency:
“With the BOX ID and H solutions solution, we have an overview of our rack inventory at all times. This transparency and flexibility has had a really positive impact on our business.”

Daniel Freund

Member of the Management Board / Weha-Therm

How we have already been able to help our clients

Smart roller containers for FEGA & Schmitt


FEGA & Schmitt identified an opportunity to improve efficiency, reliability and asset utilisation when transporting electrical equipment in roll containers from a central warehouse to distribution centres for customer delivery. In the previous process, screens, lamps and even refrigerators were packed daily on Euro pallets and wrapped with stretch film. The pallets were then picked up by various freight forwarders and taken to the respective regional distribution centre. From there, the packages were loaded into the respective transporters. This was to be optimised.


In collaboration with Wanzl, BoxID and H solutions, providers of intelligent systems, FEGA & Schmitt implemented smart roll cages connected to Heliot Europe’s 0G network. The IoT solution enables remote tracking of cages for improved efficiency and a better customer experience.


Intelligent roll cages provide transparency and data insights that enable the optimisation of operational processes:
“Damage to the packages is prevented, transport on the truck is possible in a space-saving way, we save on packing aids such as film, transport to the individual areas is faster and the process steps are streamlined. Through the solution, we reduce the expenses for new roll cages by 75 %.”

Roland Huber

Logistics Project Management / FEGA & Schmitt

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H solutions connects different industries all over the world. With the help of our Sigfox technology and our partners, the sky’s the limit.


Bring more transparency into your processes and increase your profitability - for just a few cents per day and asset.


Whether on the construction site, on the transport rack or on the container - temperature, wind and weather cannot harm our solutions.


Our hardware not only runs robustly, but also for an exceptionally long time: most devices do not need a new battery for several years.


The special transmission technology means that the radio signal cannot be intercepted or interfered with. In addition, the data in the cloud is all encrypted.


Thanks to worldwide roaming with our partners, we can offer our solutions in over 70 countries.

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With our numerous solutions, we help you to master your challenges.
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Your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. You will find further information in the Privacy policy.