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H solutions Asset Tracking

Fleet Monitoring

Get all relevant data from vehicle fleets and other mobile assets in one platform

Asset tracking of objects and small devices

Keep track of your non-mobile assets

Asset tracking of machinery

Keep track of (construction) machinery, (rental) equipment and other movable assets

Animal Asset Tracking

Bring digitalisation into your livestock farming

H solutions load carrier & container management

Glass Rack Tracking

Get transparency about your glass transport racks and save time and money managing them

Tracking & Tracing for Smart Packaging

Turn your load carriers into direct information carriers

Tracking & Tracing for Load Carriers

Turn your load carriers into information carriers

Tracking & Tracing for Container Management

Manage your container fleet on just one platform

H solutions Smart Waste Management

Smart waste management solutions

A sophisticated system to optimise your waste management

Recycling Management Solutions

A sophisticated system to digitalise your container fleet

Industrial Waste Management Solutions

Digitalise your waste management within your company

H solutions Environmental & Condition Monitoring

Silo monitoring solution

Sophisticated system for managing your silo inventory

Indoor air quality monitoring

Keeping air quality under control at all times

Solutions for smart alarm systems

Making systems safer

Solutions for a safe working environment and good indoor climate

A safe working environment

Parking Management Solutions

Digitise outdoor parking areas

Solutions for office occupancy

A sophisticated system to digitise office space

Cold Chain and Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Have temperature conditions under control

H solutions Metering

Smart Metering solutions

Comprehensive energy monitoring and management

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